Sister Needs A New Sofa

Fresh air and gorgeous mountain views set the backdrop for laid back living in Aspen. My sister and her husband built this gorgeous mountain oasis with views to die for. And up until now she never had a place where the entire family could just hang out, watch tv, and soak up that view comfortably. So after my last visit, we decided it was time to make their great room a comfy cozy living room. After all, who actually uses a formal living room in Aspen anyway?!? Plus lets be real... they watch TV (just like the rest of us)

One of my favorite challenges as a designer is incorporating the old with the new. Everyone has pieces that are near and dear to them that they want to keep and I am all for it! I am that way in my own home! But don’t get me wrong, I also love having a blank canvas and starting from scratch too :)

A little about my sweet quirky sister and her husband: She loves family heirlooms, handmade tchotchkes, the color orange, comfortable living, and all things outdoors. He is a Swedish native who is a true DIY guy- I mean he absolutely loves building new things, fixing old things, and everything in between. 

In with the new and out with some of the old…. 




SofaThree Drawer Console / Leather Chair / Side TableOcher Pillows / Rain Dance Pillows / Wooden Hearts / One-Of-A-Kind Tchotchkes / Statement Lamp 

 *Custom runner and sectional