Desert Modern Oasis

A client and dear friend of mine bought a home in Scottsdale and called asking for design help. The previous owners built the home using an architect that studied under Frank Lloyd Wright and they were BIG TIME art collectors. I walk in to the house and it honestly looked like an empty gallery. I’m talking huge white empty walls, ledges everywhere, random peninsulas in places that didn't seem to make any sense to me. It was apparent from the moment I walked in this space was going to be a challenge…
How do I avoid Frank Lloyd Wrong????
I soaked in the space, slept on it, and the next morning I started measuring every wall, room, crazy ledge, and odd peninsula in that home. Then I got home, made a plan, and started hunting down the perfect pieces!
I don’t do a ton of modern design work (not bc I don't like it - I love it) so this was a fun challenge and great change of pace. One of my favorite challenges was this huge built-in bench that divided the living room from the entry. My first thought was get a builder in here and get rid of it…
but we made it work and it looks gorgeous! 
Who says an Okie can’t do modern?