Wait, What's the Barn??

I’ve been getting this a lot lately, basically The Barn is an extension of the the shop. The actual barn itself is nothing special, its just my old Morton barn. Finished on the inside with big windows that I absolutely love. But its become a second T.A. Lorton. I keep a ton of my new furniture inventory there for a few reasons: 1 there is no way it would all fit in the shop  2 I love getting to stage in a larger space 3 my insta followers get to see new items before they hit the floor 4 why not?
As I have moved to doing more and more design work, I have been buying more and more furniture for the shop. Plus there are just too many pretty pieces out there that I just can’t pass up! Can you blame me though???
It all started about two year ago when we received a huge shipment of gorgeous finds. Not everything would fit in the shop and I didn't want all these great new finds to sit in storage -  What in the world was I going to to do with all these great pieces???
Casually freaking out racking my brain i realized “hmmm, I have a ton of empty space in my barn, why don't I take it all there?!?” And I did.
It started with a sectional, a few chairs, and maybe a coffee table or two and now its become totally full! Sectionals, sofas, chairs, barstools, dining chairs, side tables, coffee tables, dining tables, lamps, art, rugs… I mean its basically become my secret stash. I like to take the newest of new to the barn first - mostly because I want to be able to photograph it in a way that you guys can really see it…
but I also love having it close to home :)
By appointment only but I promise its worth the drive north…