Big Whiskey

The definitive field guide to the American Whiskey Trail! Big Whiskey features profiles of distilleries new and old, interviews with distillers and blenders, cocktail recipes, tasting notes, food pairings, rare bottles, and advice for planning your own road trip along the trail!

Raise a glass to American whiskey! Big Whiskey is the ultimate field guide to the American Whiskey Trail. Devoted entirely to Kentucky bourbon and Tennessee whiskey, Big Whiskey is bursting with in-depth, up-to-date profiles of distillers from across the region—from esteemed heritage brands to distilleries so new that the whiskey is still aging! Packed with stunning, full-color photographs, creative cocktail recipes, and awesome tips for planning your very own adventure along the trail, Big Whiskey is an exciting and exhaustive look into the origins—and rebirth—of America’s signature spirit.

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