Goodson Pecans

Meme’s Sugar Pecans are one of our favorite recipes from Meme — our mom and our kids "Meme." A treat we like to describe as "salty-sweet" in flavor, with a wonderful blend of salt and sugar.

Cinnamon Sugar Pecans are a great balance of crunchy pecans covered in a special blend of cinnamon and sugar. They fondly remind us of the holiday season, and have a superb taste any cinnamon lover will enjoy.

Sweet Orange Pecans are one of the newest additions to our line of Gourmet Flavored pecans. They are a delicious combination of sweet oranges and toasted pecans — creating a flavorful balance of citrus and sweet.

Toasted Sriracha Pecans is the perfect blend of spicy and savory for your taste buds! We promise they are not too hot, but they do have a fantastic flavor. A little sweet, a touch of garlic, and a light heat will make this a big hit at your next event.

Dark Chocolate covered pecans are an amazing addition to our "special treat" line of pecans! They are toasted and salted before they are generously dipped in dark chocolate giving them a great flavor.

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