Lafco Holiday Candles

Winter Balsam- nostalgic and Woody; A vibrant green yet earthy fragrance that captures the exhilarating aromatic energy of a winter forest, this opens with an inspired mix of mint-infused eucalyptus, balsam Fir needle, and spicy our wood. Sandalwood, patchouli no vetiver give a creamy texture. 

Crimson Berry- Sumptuous and Fruity; Bright top notes of crisp lemon and juicy orange create an inviting opening for this exhilarating scent inspired by shimmering red seasonal berries. Succulent cranberry and ripe raspberry take center stage at the heart, while eucalyptus adds a refreshing undertone and vanilla brings a lucious sweetness to the finish. 

Starry Night- Ethereal and Fresh; Effervescent bergamot,ginger and mandarin intertwine with nuances of sea salt and quince for a vibrant opening. The heart of stardust magnolia is embraced by the floral opulence of rose nod jasmine absolutes. A soothing aura envelopes this scent which is created by blending an ry notes with sheer woods, Verviers, cedar wood and patchouli. 

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