Lafco Home Fragrance Mist

Iinstantl scent any space with a burst of long - lasting sophisticated fragrance. Simply spray into the air to create a delightfully nuanced and enticing mood in any space. LAFCO’s Home Fragrance Mists are uniquely crafted using only the finest essential oils and fragrance extracts that naturally complement your favorite LAFCO candle or diffuser. Free of dyes and propellants.

Mint Tissane - An uplifting blend of soothing mint and fresh basil.

French Lilac - A full-bodied blend of lilac with hyacinth and just a touches lemon.

Sea Dune - Fresh and airy; the scent of beach grass, sand, and lotus.

  Fresh Cut Gardenia - Fresh and floral gardenia blossoms with the scent of their green leaves.

Chamomile Lavender - A warm and enveloping mix of sweet chamomile and sprightly lavender gives a sense of well being.

Marine - Fresh and clean: an airy ozone scent like the clean air by the sea.

Rosemary Eucalyptus - Fresh and invigorating; a scent of sweet eucalyptus, basil and a touch of rosemary.

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