Savanna Collection

CARAVAN: Quiet paths bathed in cool afternoon shade, lazy watering holes leading to winding riverbeds. Sloping sun-filled hillsides—places to think, rejuvenate, dream lit by afternoon rays. Shadows cast across rolling grassy slopes, fragrant with spicy-sweet coastal bergamot, crisp grassy green herbal accord, smoky pine. Citrusy clementine leaf, peppery aromatic wild ginger, sharply fragrant white musk.

GRAND OASIS: Hooves fly, homeward bound, above grassy
plains; fleeting shadows encircle soft twinkling lights, strung up as earthbound stars gracing carved wood verandas. Deep crimson-streaked skies, exotic aromas murmured at dusk; verdant fig leaves, earthy smoked figs, woodsy tropical blackened pear. Richly fragrant jasmine, elegant charred cedar, warm resinous fruity amber.

GRASSLANDS: Tented canvas windows nudge open in gently rustling morning breeze. Pink and orange hues delicately fill vast awakening skies. Al fresco breakfast treats arrive; warming daylight embraces grand enriching scents: citrusy-floral bergamot, sweet-tart fresh petitgrain, rich and fragrant flowing lavender fields, warmly floral orris root, balsam woody vetiver grass, sweet spicy meadow musk.

Cloche: Candle sold separately 

8.5 oz: 3.5"D x 4"H, Burn time 40 Hours

38.8 oz: 5"D x 6"H, 90 Hours

Diffuser: 3.5"D x 7.5"H, 150 Days

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