Made from an advanced, durable polymer. Its nearly unbreakable and is top-rack dishwasher and microwave safe. Made in the USA!


Get ready to fall in love with symGLASS. It’s an elegant choice for any occasion: from a formal party or gala, to a casual backyard gathering with friends.

With symGLASS, your everyday drinkware can also be your formal drinkware.

It’s more than Unbreakable….it’s anything you need it to be.

Insulates better than glass
Beer and cocktails stay frosty, and your coffee or tea stays hot to the last sip
Our versatile designs work great for water, soda, tea, juice, milk, and more
Reduces condensation (your wood furniture is going to love it!)
Stop worrying about the kids breaking your favorite glassware (they can’t!)


Do you still keep those cheap, everyday plastic cups in the cupboard for your kids or for a safe substitute to your breakable glassware? Now there is a far more durable and attractive option.

Our unbreakable symGLASS products provide a better, more attractive alternative that you won’t want to hide.

Our products are also BPA-Free and Microwave-Safe, making them a safer option for everyday use.

It’s time to throw those cheap plastic cups out of your cupboard. Our symGLASS products are here to enhance your drinking experience!

Safely enjoy a drink by your pool or on your boat
A better option for picnics, camping, or your Saturday tailgate
Reduces the need for disposable plastic cups
Pack symGLASS in your suitcase and enjoy your favorite glass anywhere!

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