Via Glass Bottle

ViA is GemWater-To-Go. A premium glass bottle with a hand-crafted pod full of a wealth of gems. Enliven your drinking water. Jewelry for water. Good for


Wellness - Calming, Balancing, Relaxing (amethyst/rose quartz/clear quartz)

Balance - Inner Peace, Reflection, Meditation (sodalite/chalcedony/clear quartz)

Love - Harmony, Compassion, Affection (rose quartz/garnet/clear quartz)

Vitality - Regenerating, Rejuvenating Renewal (emerald/clear quartz)

Luna - Intuition, Empathy, Femininity (rainbow moonstone/clear quartz)

Forever Young - Cleansing/Detox, Stress-Relief, Serenity (aquamarine /aventurine/smoky quartz/clear quartz)

Happiness - Optimism, Eloquence, Good Luck (jade (nephrite)/carnelian/orange calciteclear quartz)

Guardian - Open-Mindedness, Protection, Clarity (black tourmalin/ amethyst/clear quartz)

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